" ... a spectacle ... Dr Dre meets Dr No" - Rolling Stone USA features the Bombay Royale in 10 New Artists You Need To Know

"Epicness ..." - BBC6 Music

The Bombay Royale are creators of a fresh new musical genre originally inspired by the soundtracks of vintage Bollywood and drawing on a wide range of influences - from 60s rock and 70s funk and disco to the classical and folk music of India. They have taken their unique sound to festival and club audiences all over the world.

Their debut album You Me Bullets Love went to #1 on the iTunes World Music charts and their second album The Island of Dr Electrico was licensed in films, video games and TV shows. Recently the band unleashed its trademark sound yet again with their third album Run Kitty Run.

The Skipper Andy Williamson

Mysterious Lady Parvyn Kaur Singh

The Tiger Shourov Bhattacharya

The Bandit Priest. Matty Vehl

Dr Electrico. Declan Jones

The Railways Mogul Tom Martin

Widow X Ros Jones

Leaping Shaman Jules Goyma

Jewel Thief Josh Bennett

Chip Chase Ed Fairlie

Kommisar Medvedev Andre Lobanov

For all bookings, licensing and all enquiries, email thebombayroyale@gmail.com. The Bombay Royale is signed to Hopestreet Recordings (info@hopestreetrecordings.com).

"The Bombay Royale makes an exhilarating return with their second album." - ABC

"It’s funky, surfy, brassy and definitely danceable ..." - India Real Time, Wall Street Journal